These kits are the ultimate in giving your Harley a luxury ride at an unbelievable price. These kits give a full 5” of suspension travel.  If you have any questions relating to Air Ride Suspension Kits, please contact us via the Contact page.

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The Xotic Customs 5 inch Air Ride System gives you the most travel of any air suspension system on the market. It allows you to slam your bike as low as possible without doing any major modifications yet also raising your bike over stock height allowing for maximum clearance around corners. With the 5 inches Taildraggerof travel it gives you a large range of adjustability for your ride quality. The shocks measure 14” extended and 9.25” deflated. When the shocks are completely deflated on a stock setup, they have a built in stop that keeps the tire approximately ½” away from the fender so you never have to worry about the bike being immobile. You can either ride it all the way up and really stiff, or a couple inches down Air Ride Kit imagewith a nice firm ride, or 3-4” down for a nice soft ride with a radical low look. No one else on the market provides you with such a range of ride stance and comfort.


Our kits come complete with everything you need to turn your boring stiff suspension into a show stopping air ride suspension. The kit includes shocks, compressor, switch, release valve, all new grade 8 mounting hardware, all the wiring and plumbing necessary with easy to follow install instructions for the do-it-yourselfer. If you prefer to have us install this system, we’ll be happy to do that for you too.


The best part of this system - not only is it the best price on the market and the best performance on the market but all parts have a lifetime warranty! For those of you who want the added convenience of a remote, we offer the remote for an additional low price!


For any questions or to order your system, contact us via the contact page or call our customer service at 402-525-9929. You can also order securely online via our online store.



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